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About Alan Lopez.....

Alan Lopez

Alan Lopez holds a Commercial Pilot's Certificate with Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea and Instrument Ratings. He is a graduate of Princeton University with an advanced degree from Columbia University. He is currently assisting with the restoration of two antique biplanes, a Stearman Model 4E and a Stearman M-2. He resides in Princeton, New Jersey.

Stearman M2 Stearman 4E
Stearman M-2, 1929 Stearman 4E, 1930


"Biplane Odyssey is an exciting story of flying adventures in a World War II-era biplane. The detailed description of terrain, landmarks and weather makes the reader feel as if he or she is flying along with the author. The section on using only a chart and compass for navigation is extraordinary - pilots could learn more from these few pages than they would by reading a half dozen books on the subject. I am in awe that he could make these flights with no navigation equipment.

Especially enjoyable is the chapter on the Yukon and Alaska and also the visits to fascinating out-of-the-way places. Alan Lopez is truly the Charles Kuralt of the Air."

Jack Elliott, The Star-Ledger
New Jersey's Largest Newspaper

"Over a period of years, Alan Lopez has flown his Stearman, N16CC, to every state in the continental United States and every Canadian Province, including the Maritime Provinces, the Yukon and Alaska...what is really unique about Alan's jaunts is that he did it in a stock Stearman with no navigational equipment other than a magnetic compass, an aeronautical chart and a watch. NO VOR, NO DME, NO LORAN and NO GPS! THIS is the way a Stearman was intended to be flown.

His remarkable descriptions of the terrain over which he is flying as well as the illustrations drawn of the colors and hues of the earth are vivid as he paints a picture in your mind's eye that makes you feel like you are flying your Stearman right along with him.

The final chapter of the book should be of special interest to pilots as Alan describes "Navigating by Compass and Chart." For the pilot who may wish to return to the basics of flight, the book is worth it for this final chapter alone."

Tom Lowe, Stearman Restorers Asssociation
"Flying Wire," May, 2000

"Better Than Cannibal Queen!" - Robert Morgan '65 - Princeton University

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